Monday, March 21, 2011

Green Pea Caesar Slaw Salad

Spring has arrived, and it is time for planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables. When I planted my rose bushes and miniature rose plants, I learned that it's good to plant a lavender plant in between the roses because it's a good pest repellent. As pest repellent, it's good for planting near cauliflower and cabbage, too. Lavender can also be planted with herbs such as rosemary, basil, and thyme. These aromatic herbs provide an inviting garden of scents and can add flavor to your favorite recipes.

If you are looking for a refreshing spring garden salad but don't have access to fresh garden vegetables, use refrigerated packaged salads and frozen vegetables. The following Green Pea Caesar Slaw Salad makes a good Spring mix:
1 pkg. Spring salad mix
1 pkg. broccoli slaw 
Approx. 2 T. Feta cheese
1/2 pkg. frozen green peas, thawed
Creamy Caesar Dressing

Mix all ingredients, and serve with Ken's 0g carb Creamy Caesar Dressing. I cook my frozen peas in the microwave for two or three minutes with 1 T. sugar and a bit of butter before mixing it in with the other ingredients. I also like to use Mixed Baby Greens for this salad. Any salad greens will work fine.
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Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. This way I was able to find YOU! Love your blog and your recipes! Now following you and looking forward to your kitchen yummies!

Lara said...

I am so glad that spring is here so that I can start planting things too! Happy gardening!

Autumn Belle said...

I love salads. It is a fresh and healthy way of eating.

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Oh that sounds really good, actually! And easy and inexpensive. Great idea for a Lent Fridays meal. Thank you for sharing!

Karen said...

So ready for all the spring produce! Love the peas in this dish. Sounds yummy.