Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paula Deen Cookbook Giveaway Winner

Today is the Paula Deen Cookbook Giveaway drawing, and the winner has been chosen! Stay tuned...
I asked the special lady over at Beatrice Banks blog, Mrs. Tammy, if I could borrow her Prince O for my Paula Deen cookbook drawing today. He impressed us all with his charm at Mrs. Tammy's last giveaway drawing. She checked with Prince O, and he has agreed to assist us once again in his charming way.


                                                                  Number 15!                       
Uh-oh, that's Mrs. Tammy! 
Yes, Prince O drew his mom's name, Mrs. Tammy from Beatrice Banks blog. However,
before she asked Prince O to help with the Paula Deen cookbook drawing,
she had already opted out of the drawing because she and I are cousins as some of you bloggers have already learned. Though it would have been perfectly in order for her to join in the giveaway contest, she felt it would be best not to. That's the kind of person my sweet cousin from Beatrice Banks is, always thoughtful of others. Go on over and visit her blog if you haven't yet. You'll love her elegant and beautiful style.  So now the person that became Number 15 and the winner is..........

Ann from On Sutton Place

Congratulations, Ann! 
Thank you for joining the Paula Deen Cookbook Giveaway contest at Kitchen Hospitality.

A special thank you to each one who entered the contest. It has been a delight to read each funny cooking story, one of the ways to enter the contest. I am blessed to have each of you as a follower and new blogging friend.
Now I want to honor those who entered funny cooking stories. These are hilarious! 

Honorable Mentions, the funny cooking stories :

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound said: 
My funniest cooking story involves not me cooking, but my mother. You see, I was only four years old, and my mother was going to bake a pound cake. She had borrowed our neighbors tube pan - you know the kind where the bottom comes out. Well, I put the pan over my head, but then I couldn't get my head back out. My daddy had to cut it off with shears, and they had to replace our neighbors pan. Trust me - I learned. I no longer put pans on my head.

liberal sprinkles said...
my funniest cooking story happened when i went away to university. the only cooking i had done before that was to boil an egg so i'd say my kitchen experience was about zero.

i put rice into a pot, put it on the stove and turned the fire on. then i waited. and waited. and waited...and i couldn't figure out why it just wouldn't cook.

well, i hadn't put any water in the pot! strangely enough it didn't burn although i must have been watching the pot for at least 15 minutes. i laugh about it now but it was pretty depressing then. not only was i hungry, i was homesick. i'm only glad i didn't quit school then!

Donnie at New Blessing Everyday said:
My story revolves around chicken too. Newly married hubby asked for chicken noodles like his mom made. She's a country gal & I'm a city gal. I bought a can of chunk chicken, egg noodles and chicken broth and threw them all together. Voila...His mom would boil the whole chicken, pull the meat off and make from scratch egg noodles and it came out like a chicken & dumplings. He ate it but said mine was not quite like mommas. Good thing he married me for my mind...lol...45 years ago.

Abramyan Avenue said:
Ok... the first time I ever cooked for my husband, we had been dating a few months. I baked a chicken for him, made mashed potatoes and corn and placed a 3 liter of Dr. Pepper on the table. I never cooked for anyone before, especially not someone I had dated and I didn't really know the proper way to set the table or his plate. So, I just set everything out on the table in front of his plate. That night he ate the entire chicken, all of the mashed potatoes and most of the corn. AND he downed most of the Dr. Pepper. We still laugh about that. I didn't know what the heck I was doing and he didn't know if he was supposed to eat all of it or if it would insult me to leave some left over, so he just ate it all. It still makes me smile to go back and think about that evening. We were both so young and had so much to learn!! Lol!

Teslaca said:
When I was young, I wanted to make pudding. I followed the recipe, but didn't notice that it called for corn flour/starch. I didn't know that was different from corn meal, so I used corn meal thinking it would dissolve as it cooked. The pudding was tasty but very gritty!

I once made a trifle dessert which had pudding layers, when we had company for dessert. The problem was, I forgot to buy milk. I had almond milk in the cupboard and I figured it would work just as well. Wrong! The pudding didn't thicken. I started serving the dessert to guests and realized it was still runny! A quick switch to berries and yogurt saved the day.

Elisabeth said...
The first time when I learned how to cook rice is over the phone. I was still a teenager, and wanted to surprise my parents to make chicken and rice for them.

Of course, the fried chicken was a take-out, and the rice, I got instructions from my aunt over the phone. She told me to use half a box of Uncle Ben's rice and double the water. She said to use a medium saucepot, which I did, but I did not mention to her that our rice was the large box. I did everything to her instruction...the rice just kept bubbling up, and over the pot, all over the stove, until I had a mountain of rice all over the stove, and the floor.

Did not tell my parents until a few years later...they already knew, but did not want to make me feel any worse than I did. It just was horrifying at the time, but they all laughed at it, and so could I much later!

Diann said...
Funniest cooking story:
years ago my hubby was a truck driver and I often went with him. On one trip to vermont, a major blizzard came through and everyone had to get off the road. We found a small truckstop and were lucky enough to find one parking spot left. The blizzard got so bad that the truckstop was closed because no one could drive. On the second day of being stranded, I cooked some polish sausage and sauerkraut in the truck. We had a fridge and a cooker specially designed for semi trucks. Well, you know how intense the smell of sauerkraut is. When I opened the door to head to the bathroom, the scent of the food went out the door as well. Most of the other truckrs hadn't eaten in a day. the next thing we know 8 drivers are standing around our truck asking if they could buy some dinner from us! Fortunately, I had brought along 3 packages of sausages ad several cans of sauerkraut (this is one of our favorite meals while out on the road). So, I ended up cooking up everything i had and handing out small bowls to all the other drivers. No, I didn't charge them anything. LOL

Such funny cooking stories. Sometimes our cooking stories aren't so funny at the time, but they do bring lots of laughter later. It was delightful to read these lovely ladies' stories. 

Thank you again for entering Kitchen Hospitality's Paula Deen Cookbook giveaway.


Donnie said...

I laughed and laughed with the stories. I am so glad you posted them...lol...Congrats to Ann for winning this great giveaway.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

You're are too sweet! Thanks for your kind words about me. I enjoyed this post! And I'm so happy Ann won! She is such a delightful person.
Have a happy day!