Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetable Soup Leftovers

This Thanksgiving week we've had turkey, ham, yams, hot corn, mashed potatoes, tater tot casserole, rolls, apple pie, mixed berry pie, and pumpkin pie. Most of that was served on Thanksgiving Day at our friends' home, and I ate a taste of each - not even a 1/2 cup serving each either! If you eat a taste of each, then you can manage to eat only one plate full. Seconds? No way, not when I've finally lost a few pounds that took forever to lose. On this chilly Thanksgiving week, however, Mr. Kitchen Hospitality and I have enjoyed simple vegetable soup leftovers. I had made a large batch of the soup to eat throughout the week. To change it up, I added Velveeta cheese and kidney beans. First, you make the vegetable soup:

Easy Beef Vegetable Soup

3 lbs. lean beef
1 lg. (32 oz.) V8 or tomato juice
1-2 bags frozen vegetables
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning
Ground Cumin
Chili Powder

Season and brown beef. Drain. Add V8 or tomato juice and vegetables.

That's the original vegetable soup. Add Velveeta cheese and kidney beans (unless you already have beans in your soup). Pour in a bowl, add a few corn tortilla chips and enjoy!

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