Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Baked Favorites

December is filled with favorite Christmas cookies, breads, candy and hot apple cider or hot chocolate filled to the brim with creamy marshmallows. Now those items may not be on your December grocery list, but those are things that come to my mind when I first think of December and Christmas foods. That doesn't mean that those are my favorites to eat during the Christmas holidays. They just happen to come to mind because this evening was a chilly evening with friends over hot apple cider and delicious brownies covered with powdery sugar. YUM!

Baking for my family and friends makes me happy. It brings back memories of family and comfort, Christmas holidays with those I love, times of fun and laughter, singing carols to elderly families not able to go out, lighting fireworks with cousins in the freezing cold on Christmas Eve. Christmas memories - and baked goodies with each one.

Brownies, festive cookies, chocolate meringue pie, coconut pie, lemon pie, Pink Salad, Chocolate Cake, pumpkin bread, and banana bread. Those are among the ones that quickly pop up in my mind.

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because of spending more time with family and friends, not having to go to school, and enjoying days off from work. Time of relaxation. Time of making more memories.


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