Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick and Easy Meals and Desserts for Two

Officially, summer is over! Sad for some, I'm sure, but it's a happy time for me because I love fall. At the beginning of summer I made plans for a salad summer and actually managed to make salads often. I love salads. You can add one or two ingredients different than the last time you served a salad and have a completely different taste. Honestly, I intended to blog more about the salads throughout the summer. However, I do have a confession to make. My hubby and I  were on the go so much that we ate out quite often. You can do that if it's just the two of you especially if you save coupons and actually use them instead of letting them get lost in your mail stash on the counter. You just can't beat two-for-one Subway sandwiches for less than $10 or two six-inch subs for less than $5. The two of us made it quite successfully through the summer with our quick and easy meals. We ate salads, sandwiches, chicken dishes, and many ground beef dishes. We like those ground beef dishes especially because you can mix in a variety of veggies and top with cheese then make a burrito out of it.
Mix some of these ingredients with your ground beef for a quick meal in a burrito:
  1. frozen diced onions
  2. green onions
  3. fresh garlic
  4. tomatoes
  5. Ro*Tel tomatoes and diced chilies
  6. serrano peppers
  7. jalapeno peppers
  8. green, red, and/or yellow bell peppers
  9. yellow summer squash
  10. zucchini
  11. Velveeta cheese
  12. cheddar cheese
  13. spicy Monterrey Jack cheese
  14. corn
  15. black beans
  16. chili beans
  17. Kidney beans
  18. hominy
For a quick and easy salad, try these variations:
  1. lettuce
  2. spinach leaves
  3. tomatoes, sliced or diced
  4. cucumbers, sliced thin
  5. carrots, shredded
  6. crumbled blue cheese
  7. crumbed tomato and basil feta cheese
  8. drained can of tangerines
  9. green or red seedless grapes
  10. green onions
  11. pickled beets
  12. garbanzo beans
  13. English peas
  14. strawberry slices
Now for dessert, my most favorites of the summer were Orange Cow and Purple Cow. My husband and I were visiting our friends one evening. The hostess asked me if I had ever had Orange Cow or Purple Cow. I hadn't. Orange Cow is vanilla ice cream with orange juice poured over it. Purple Cow is vanilla ice cream with grape juice poured over it. They are both absolutely de-licious! A variation I tried and liked was the green mint ice cream with grape juice poured over it. I guess you would call that variation Purple Green Cow.
Enjoy mixing up these varieties of quick and easy meals and desserts.
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