Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Comfort Food

December's Cookie Quest resulted in the No-Bake Fudge as most popular that I made. I made two kinds, one with oatmeal and peanut butter and one with Andes mints. They are easy to make, too. I made mine in an electric skillet. My favorite was the one without the mints. After so much cookie and candy tasting throughout the holidays, I was past the holiday cravings before January arrived.

January brought five to seven inches of snow the first week with my birthday right behind it on the 8th. After all those December goodies, I ate Ramen noodles and oatmeal for a week - simple hot meals for 20 degree weather. Then an old-fashioned craving of Chicken and Dumplings hit me. That's all I could think about. The old recipe I've used for years, however, is a bit time consuming so I changed it to a quick recipe. Like my Grandmother Beatrice used to tell me, use a little bit of this and that. That's what I did. I used a couple of cans of Cream of Chicken soup, a can of chicken broth, a tad of butter, a little milk, and a WHOLE lot of chicken already cooked from the supermarket. So easy! Then I made my dumplings by scratch with a couple cups of flour and some salt and some hot water, mixed and rolled it out real thin and cut it in squares and dropped those into the boiling chicken and broth mixture. It was yum and hit the comfort food spot.

Happy January!

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