Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookie Quest Fudge Hit

The Cookie Quest continues...

Thursday I brought my No-Bake Fudge to my day job. It was a hit! These melt as you're eating them. They literally fall apart - I think because I made the last batch with evaporated milk instead of the regular milk. Oh, YUM! They're so good I had to share them for fear of sitting down to a fudge banquet alone and devouring all! Today I'm making more to fill up the Teddy Bear again! Come back soon to see the other no-bake cookies added along with the fudge today and Sunday.

I am joining A Vision to Remember at I Am Only 1 Woman.


shopannies said...

would love to see your recipe as I have never been able to make no bake fudge and have it stick together right

mr teddy looks very happy

Bloggymom said...

Happy New Year!!

kat said...

How i wish I will learn

Anyway, thanks for following and I'm following you back now.