Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Breakfasts

What is your favorite weekend meal? Mine is breakfast! I love to cook breakfast on Saturday mornings. Fried bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns!!! Cholesterol? What cholesterol? How about protein? You eat that kind of breakfast, and you won't want anything to eat for the rest of the day. I love it. Okay, not the cholesterol. Once or twice a week, though, is not so bad. My hubby and I went out with our friends after church today, and guess what! I chose the breakfast menu - a quiche and French toast. Now that was pushing it a bit, I admit. But ... I will eat oatmeal or a piece of toast Monday through Friday this week. You think that's an excuse? Hmm...maybe so.

One of my little aunts in Texas (the tiny one of my many aunts), would disagree with my plenteous weekend breakfasts. I've watched her eat at family gatherings. She literally eats like a bird, maybe less. Seriously, I've watched a bird eat my cat's food once. I hadn't seen Smokey around for a day or two, but the food I put in her dish was gone. I thought maybe she was sneaking her food when I wasn't around. Imagine that! A sneaky cat. So I brought the bag of food out to the little table I keep Smokey's dish on. Lo and behold if there wasn't a bird watching me put the food in the dish. Never had I seen such a little brave bird. It flew right over to the table and went right to Smokey's food dish and started pecking at the food even as I stood right there and watched it eat. That's how I know my aunt eats less than a bird, and I've decided I'll be fat for life 'cause I like to eat. So what if I have to exercise once in awhile. It's worth it if I get to eat my Saturday and Sunday big breakfasts.


Tammy@beatrice banks said...

So funny! I'm right with you! Love my big breakfasts! And the tiny aunt knows how to cook them but you're right, she just doesn't eat much. Enjoy your week!

chandra said...

Oh! so funny..I think you have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in.

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