Monday, October 24, 2011

A McRib Sandwich Memory on Food Day

Today is Food Day, a day focused on "real food...meals built around vegetables, fruits, and whole grains...delicious and satisfying." Have you ever tried the famous McDonald's McRib sandwich that will be sold at all the chain's locations through November 14? It's meat, but it's delicious and satisfying. According to McDonald's nutrition information, this is what you're consuming when you eat one of these delicious sandwiches:
  • 500 calories
  • 26 grams fat
  • 44 grams carbs
  • 22 grams protein
  • 980 mg sodium
Source: None via Stacy on Pinterest

    Let me tell you about my most memorable experience with this tasty sandwich. My husband and I had just returned from a trip to Israel. On our way home from the airport, we stopped at a McDonald's. We wanted breakfast but it had just ended, and we could only order lunch. We both ordered the McRib sandwich. While we were eating, a man walked in with his young daughter to order their meals. When they learned that breakfast was over, the man said loudly, "Let's go, Sherry, we can't eat breakfast here." Until this day my husband and I have laughed about that incident. I'm sure that it was terribly disappointing to the man that he could not have his breakfast. I felt sorry for the young girl having to be humiliated by her father in front of the very-crowded McDonald's that day.

    Part of Food Day's goal is wanting "fewer people at drive-throughs and bigger crowds at farmers markets." Though I love fresh vegetables and fruits and going to farmers markets, I think discouraging people from going to drive-throughs will not be such an easy task. Our society lives in too big of a rush, and drive throughs accommodate our fast pace of living. If you're curious like I was about where Food Day originated, it was created by Center for Science in the Public Interest.

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