Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Comfort Food

What is so special about a plain ham sandwich?
Comfort maybe?
Ham, Cheese, and Mayo
November reminds me of comfort food because of the special and delicious recipes my mother and grandmothers used to bake for the holidays. I cherish those memories. Funny how one bite into a ham sandwich with mayo can trigger a sweet comfort memory, like the days when one of my parents would send me off to school with a ham and mayo sandwich. Sometimes the sandwich would be bread, mayo, and bacon. For some reason, I can't remember other lunches. I must have really liked pork. Just for a moment today I felt like I was a little girl at school eating my ham sandwich that Daddy made me. My mother was an awesome cook, but my dad usually made breakfast. I imagine he made my sandwiches from whatever meat he cooked for breakfast.
Come back for another visit this week to read about my next old-fashioned southern comfort food for November.

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